"I met Chantel just over a year ago when I found her yin yoga class. Lying in savasana, her voice resonated within me. Her words, her energy, opened a window of fresh air and I seemed to breathe more deeply than I had in so long. 


So I reached out to Chantel for help. A classroom teacher for over 23 years, struggling to find a way through these current world events, my empathy had me whirling in a tornado, out of sorts. I needed grounding. I needed to find the rhythm with which my soul, my heart, my body, and my spirit had fallen out of sync. 


With weekly meetings, Chantel guided me in learning Ayurvedic practices (tongue scraping, oil pulling, oil massage, meditation, diet, and balance with the seasons) so that I could find a balance of life energies within myself. Chantel is a true teacher, not just sharing and guiding, but more importantly, empowering one to find the peace and balance we so desperately seek. 


A year later, I am a different person. I still struggle but now I have tools to reach for, tools to practice, tools that help me breathe deeply, grounding myself and connecting with the divine in others, in the world around us, and the divine within myself."



"When we started this detox, in honesty, I had just finished a full 10 day detox the week before.  I know very well how I feel when I eat organic, whole foods, and cut out the sugar, flour and dairy.  Meats don’t bother me (but I still look for organic, ethically raised).  I wanted to participate in the detox anyway.  I figured, the more I “detox” the easier it will become a habit and a way of life.  I think that it is working.

I have learned so much from Chantel, especially during her Daily Rhythms program.  I know I still have more to learn and more healthy habits to create. But I keep taking baby steps and I am seeing the benefits.  Returning my body to homeostasis after decades of abuse is an endeavor that is taking hard work and patience.  The results are welcome but I still have a ways to go.

I had an epiphany this morning;  after I had gotten up early, scraped my tongue, brushed my teeth, drank warm water, lit incense, said a prayer, chanted…and then during my yoga practice - I realized that we are part of a community who have found enough love for ourselves, to decide to take care of our Self.  That is huge.  It is a hard thing to admit - if you are asked - Do you love yourself? - we all get squiggley, and squirm, and think that it is egotistical to love ourselves .  But we should all be proud of ourselves for having the strength and courage to take steps in caring for our Self. 

One last thing - as I age, I know that I can’t stop the process. But I can grow older with grace. And I can have a say in the end of my life process; that I will be physically healthy, and  that being physically healthy will make the end of the end of my life go more smoothly, without pain and suffering.  Sorry to get a little morbid there - but the physically healthier you are as you age, the End of your Life will be much easier on you and the loved ones that are going to be helping you in the end.  And how can that not be a good thing?"

- Theresa

I'm just three months into Chantel's year-long Ayurveda program and I can already feel the amazing impacts it has had on my life and my health & well-being. Though this program emphasizes the importance of slow improvements, I've realized that my body and soul were so thirsty for what this program teaches that I have quickly and excitedly integrated the new habits into my daily routine.


Every morning I get up before 6am, scrape my tongue, drink 32 oz of water, meditate, and move my body. Then throughout the day I eat plant-based meals, finish with an early, light dinner, meditate again, and massage my body with oil. Though I've integrated these habits with ease, the slow improvements approach has helped me remember that it's fine if I don't do these things everyday, and that lasting change is the result of small actions overtime. Because of my new "daily rhythm," I feel lighter physically and mentally, I feel less anxious, I feel more rooted in who I am, I have more patience for the people around me and a greater ability to be present with them, I have more joy, I have less fear about the future, and in general I feel healthier than I ever have before.


Chantel shows up with such a peaceful and attentive presence. She does a great job at creating space for each person in the group to feel included and to know that wherever they're at in their own journey of health is important. She's so knowledgeable and shares helpful and thoughtful insights from her personal experiences, and she is willing to show up vulnerably and admit where she sometimes struggles.


I initially resisted this program and hesitated investing in my health, but I am so glad I made the decision to do so. In just a few months I already feel like I am a much better version of myself -- physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's been empowering for me to realize that my experience of life is as easy as making different choices, and Chantel is a great mentor to walk with along that journey of habit change."

- Samantha

"My name is Kim Elliott... my daughter Chantel alcaraz has given me the opportunity to join such an amazing group ... which in turn has helped me find myself again .. love myself... and truly find peace with my body and mind. 

The Journey...I loved life..I loved adventure... hiking... running... pushing myself... and loved challenges... I thought I was kinda like super woman and took pride in that ..
Then in November 2018 my health started to decline. I had a stroke, lost some of my left kidney function, developed brain lesions and heart complications . I have been in and out of hospitals for over a year and continue to be treated at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona . I became withdrawn... sad... scared... and felt no joy... I guess you could say I allowed my health to define me as a person.

Chantel started talking to me about her program and the health benefits and habits and I knew I had to give it a try. I immediately felt loved and started changing the way I talked to myself and about myself and situation...I am learning that I am the author of my story ... I have the pen ! I love this program as it has allowed me to start very small and slow... I do not ever feel overwhelmed with trying to make tons of big changes ... it’s just small and slow and that is exactly what I need in my life. I have started setting boundaries  which I have never done as I always wanted to please others even at my own expense. I feel my mind starting to look at the world in another way which in turn has helped me look deeper into my relationships with my loved ones . I’m making small changes which in turn have turned into healthier habits with food which has helped my health . My inflammatory markers continue to improve and my doctors are pleased with my progress . I am slowly changing my story and even though I am not ignoring my doctors or my disease I am not allowing it to define me nor allowing it to stop me from shining my light ... I AM BEAUTIFUL... I AM STRONG... AND I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!!"

- Kim


Chantel has been working with me for almost a year and she has always been willing to share the wealth of information that she has. She's always recommending things that I can improve in my life. There have been times that I have resisted but with each little baby step, I am finding that I am following a path of easeful living. Chantel has so much to offer and I am willing to embrace the knowledge that she has to offer.

- Rena