Sandalwood & Garnet Mala

Sandalwood & Garnet Mala


A mala for purifying, cleansing, and connecting. Garnet connects the practitioner/wearer of the mala to one’s heart, it’s capacity to remember one’s essence is love, and the sandalwood keeps that love grounded in the present, in the moment, in the truth. This mala is an amazing companion for meditation as it has a sliding knot and is created for the use of meditation, and “Japa Mala.” Japa mala is a practice of chanting mantras while moving across each bead of a mala. It charges the mala with your intention, your prayer, and invokes this into your inner world. 



The mantra for this mala could be “I am one with my hear, I am one with my feet, I am one with everything.

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