I welcome those of you ready to take the journey to remember your truth, we will travel from the mind, to the body, and back to the spirit through ritual and rhythm.

Daily Rhythms:

Is an online lifestyle program to help you move towards the health and lifestyle you are wanting.


We will learn the foundation habits of health to build a rhythm in your body that leads to health, ease, and support for a lifetime.


In this program, the habits of ancient Yogis and Ayurveda meet modern life via evidence-based practice and practical methods for habit change!


I get that knowledge isn't always easily integrated into our daily lives, so the program grows on its own knowledge through practice. 


This program guides you into daily habits that will help you experience:

  • Lasting change

  • Improved digestion

  • Greater energy

  • Improved and deeper sleep, my clients even stop snoring!

  • Healthy, and regular elimination 

  • A stronger, leaner body

  • A better relationship with food and your ecosystem

  • Greater mindfulness and the ability to learn from life experiences

  • A loving relationship with yourself and your body

  • Enhanced ability to listen to what YOUR body needs

  • A stronger immune system 

Through these practices, we become embodied, and an embodied being contributes their biggest gifts once their rhythms reflect the Law of Nature


What is Ayurveda?

Translated as 'The Science of Life' is used as a tool to connect us to nature, her rhythms, and the 5 Elements.

It is around 5,000-year old, and still a practical system of health and well-being.


Ayurveda acknowledges you as a unique being, requiring unique tools and practices.

The Journey Is Structured Into 3 Modules:


First Module, Tune-In:

We look at our daily rhythm currently, and see where it is you want to go. You will be learning a lot of new practices from Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophies, but also how to implement those teachings into your life with habit evolution strategies. I'm all about slow and deep, so we take our time. It can feel like a lot to take in the first round, which is why it’s nice to not have to try to force these habits into your life- you'll have two more rounds, there is absolutely no pressure to be perfect, or to make the changes immediately.


Second Module, Refine:

You’ll dive deeper. Gaining access to deeper body wisdom, teachings, and sciences as you begin to REFINE and INTEGRATE them more into your daily life.


Third Module, Evolve:

You'll EVOLVE the habits into your lifestyle. You'll have a new perspective on these teachings the third time around and you'll probably find inner body wisdom that you weren't aware of before. At this point, people find themselves happily experiencing their daily life in a different way, closer to your natural self. You will be the teachings, not just intellectually understand them!



Integrity is a big part of how we rebuild our self-love and confidence. Once we change and start to see our relaxed selves again, we don't want to go back! 

Knowledge Is Only Rumor

Until It Lives In The Bones

-Asaro Tribe

This program will help you:
  • Ditch the cycles of overwhelm and burnout

  • Shift into easeful and graceful daily rhythms

  • Refine self-care practices as a daily ritual

  • Have more energy to do the things you really love

  • Learn tools to manage your time effectively, while balancing a busy life

  • Learn anti-stress techniques

  • Feel more grounded, present and calm in your daily life

  • Live in harmony with nature the seasons and your environment

  • Build healthier lifestyle habits that you can sustain throughout your life

  • Cultivate optimal daily routines that bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance

  • Inspire your family, friends, and community to live a healthier life

  • Age more gracefully and easefully with confidence

  • Find joy in moving in a lighter, pain-free body

What You'll Receive:

Weekly Emails

Each week I'll send you an email, giving you information, research, philosophy and the Ayurvedic Habit of the week. There will be action steps, with detailed guidelines and links to any pertinent to the weeks learning.


Weekly video meetings with myself as well as your group for hour-long live calls. We will discuss successes, troubleshoot obstacles, and discuss the weeks habit. We are all in each habit together, MYSELF included! All the calls will be recorded and saved and available to you if you miss a week!

Video Lessons

Each week brings a new habit, and new teachings to follow it! Each video lesson gives the details, and answers the What? and Why? of each habit. It also addresses habit evolution sciences and teachings to support you in making the shifts you desire.

One on One Coaching

You'll receive 9 personal calls with me outside of our weekly meetings. We discuss the obstacle or challenge you are having, we want to find a way to help you move forward. I will get you thinking in new ways that support you in finding your own solutions, and new paths around your particular struggle! My aim is for you to lift your own veils and support you in finding your own inner answers!


Each habit has "worksheets" to support your learning curve, and to give you the tools to see where you are, and where you are going! Give us the place to check in with our current beliefs about who we are and see where we can make shifts.

Accountability & Connection

With accountability comes connection! The best part of this program is that we are not alone in our desires to make changes! We will have a private online community where we interact during the week and reach out when we need support! You'll have the option of having an accountability partner as well! You can keep each other on track and make an amazing connection! There will be possibilities for in-person meetings during my Retreats and Immersions! 

Your Investment For The Journey:

$3,000 for the 3 Modules, we will take a year to implement all of these teachings into your life.


Slow and Steady!


I offer payment plans for those who are ready to do the work but aren't ready to pay fully. 


I like to offer the idea of seeing this course from the perspective of empowerment and knowledge on how to best care for this vessel you are in, this program will put the power back in your hands!

Why Abhasa Wellness? 


Abhyasa or a more western pronunciation brings us ABHASA, which is Practice, Persistency, Devotion, and Non-attachment will lead us home. 


The basis of real change, happens slowly and steadily, with no attachment to our effort, it's not about what we do, but the state of our hearts and our being in action. In the doing, changing, and letting go. In finding ourselves in a state of 'Being," we return to our easeful life by building in daily rhythms!


Why me? What's my story?

I had always had a very reactive character. Qualities that became perhaps coping mechanisms, my way of self-protection. I stumbled onto the practices of Yoga when I was 18, and in college. I resisted EVERYTHING about it, yet somehow I continued to show up, I practiced in the midst of all of my objections. 

I left the US at the age of 22, to look for more...

I had no idea what that even meant, but I left, I followed my deep calling.

Life later took me to India, I met my teachers and fell into the flow of teaching and studying. I studied Yoga, I studied Ayurveda, but do you think I immediately had integrity with these teachings in my lifestyle?

NO, absolutely not!!!

After many years of traveling alone, I began to build up more of these walls of protection and feeling like I needed to be strong, and I really lost the ability to reach out when I needed support. I lost the ability to admit that I too needed mentoring, and guidance.

I continued to travel when I knew I needed to be still, I said yes, when I needed to say no, and I ate foods that I knew I didn't do well with. I KNEW I could do better, but I didn't really 'get' how to change my habits. I didn't ever sit down and say "Hey, I know I can feel better; I know I can do better; Who am I becoming and what kinds of habits does THAT version of me have?"

I needed to get real, to sit down, be still and reflect. And so I did, I made changes very SLOWLY, and it's still something I strive for daily. Now at the age of 34, I aim for 1% improvements daily, and I feel more alive, steady, kind, loving and ready to be a compassionate human more than ever!

That brings me here, ready to support, guide and love YOU!

What's your story?

I'd love to invite you to a chat with me over the phone, I want to hear your story, your challenges and decide if you are ready to jump into the rivers of change, to step into your potential, and have the best daily experiences, created by YOU!!!

Click the link below to see my Calendar, and book a FREE CALL with me!!!


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