About Me

I welcome those ready to unweave the old stories they still carry.

Together we will build structure through ritual, which creates a free life, a self-authored life.

I am committed to this journey, to support, guide and mentor you as you remember your essence on the journey from the mind, into your body, back to your truth, your spirit.



Abhasa was introduced in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, sutra 1:12 "Both practice (abhyasa) and non-reaction (vairagya) are required

to still the patterning of consciousness."


With this inner discipline, consistency and persistent effort, we begin to understand the Self through our practice of Yoga and the devotion of Ayurveda's Self-Care rituals.

It is the desire to take wellness back into your own hands, to find ease and rhythm in your daily life that brings you back to

your inner peace and health again.


Practice, Persistency, Devotion and Non-attachment will lead us Home. 


अभ्यासवैराग्याअभ्यां तन्निरोधः ॥१२॥

abhyāsa-vairāgya-ābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ ॥12॥

The state of yoga is attained via a balance between assiduousness (abhyasa) and imperturbability (vairagya). ||12||


तत्र स्थितौ यत्नोऽभ्यासः ॥१३॥

tatra sthitau yatno-'bhyāsaḥ ॥13॥

Assiduousness means resolutely adhering to one’s practice of yoga. ||13||



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Founder Owner and Mentor

Chantel Alcaraz

When I was 18 I took my first class of Yoga, I resisted each and every moment.

I wanted to run, or hike or bike, not just sit and 'waste my time' on the mat.

Fifteen years later, I can't imagine my life without my practice, as well as the teachings of Ayurveda.

My awareness and understanding, my love for nature and how it reflects back to me perfectly.

I can see myself in the world and the world in me.

This is what I am here to share.

I would love to support you in rediscovering your unique being!


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